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A Tribute To Elisabeth Sladen.

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

In a break from our usual schedule  we  pay tribute to the sadly departed Elisabeth Sladen and discuss the character of Sarah Jane Smith.

Carnival Of Monsters (simply to amuse).

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Roll up roll up, come and see the Tellurians Adam and Andi muse about the 3rd Doctor and Jo Grant’s encounter with the SS Bernice, Drashings, a cosmic carny and evil bureaucrats. Gasp as they reminisce about Doctor Who live, scream as they talk about Jon Pertwee’s influence on the modern Doctors and be shocked as Andi makes a horrifying suggestion concerning photos listeners should send in.

School Reunion (School’s out forever!)

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Adam and Andi take a look at what happens to those The Doctor leaves behind, Mickey’s increasing self awareness and how Anthony Stewart Head is both Satan and sexy. But most terrifyingly of all is that we get dangerously close to a full on two part harmony version of the K9 and Company theme tune.